Bait And Switch Marketing - Expert Of Semalt, Natalia Khachaturyan

Most business owners are aware that bait and switch marketing is unethical. They are wrong, but sometimes you might fall into the trap without your consent. Whether you are in the trap on purpose or not, you should know how this works and why it is considered to be wrong.

As time goes by, consumers are getting smarter, and although these marketing tactics may have been useful in the past, the consumers are now aware of how switch and baits look like.

How bait and switch works

The Content Strategist of Semalt, Natalia Khachaturyan, explais that this means that a business may advertise a product at a low price, but when the consumers go to buy the product, they find that it is unavailable. Now that the customer is already in the store or the website, the company will try convincing them to get something else which is more expensive than what was advertised. In such a scenario, the bait was the product that was advertised at a low price and then it was switched to something else with a higher rate.

This marketing strategy is illegal in some cases as it is a false advertisement. However, some firms may not get in trouble for it. They have a plan to pull one of the tactics. For example, they can place a disclaimer on the product indicating that the product is available in a limited quantity. This will have the company covered and cannot get in trouble if you find it unavailable.

Baiting is not wrong. Switching is the wrong part of this plan. Baiting is allowed as long as you are not switching products. Some of the typical bait and switch methods that you may be using unknowingly are:

Using your competitor's name to attract traffic to your product

This tactic, however, depends on your choice of words. If you are advertising your products or services and you phrase your words to sound like you are selling an item that you do not have but another popular competitor does, this can be termed as baiting or tricking your clients. It is legal to compare your products with those of your competitors, but it is wrong to use them to get people to visit you.

Using irrelevant keywords and SEO bait and switch

The primary aim of using keywords is to optimize SEO ranking. They help people to see products related to your business and increase traffic to your site. If you do SEO bait and switch, you are using keywords that have nothing to do with what your company sells. You will stuff irrelevant or false keywords that are commonly searched by most individuals so that more people can get to your site only to find different products from what they were expecting to find.

If this sounds like something that you have been doing in your company, it is important to note that site visibility is not always essential especially if the individuals viewing it will not convert. The strategy is referred to as a black hat plan in the SEO field, and you should, therefore, avoid it at all costs.

Trust is vital for every business. Do not kill this by making your customers think that you are tricking them into such an online review by one of them could ruin your reputation and your business at large. Check if you are making these mistakes in your marketing campaign and avoid them.

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